Punk Press: Rebel Rock in the Underground Press, 1968-1980


ISBN: 9781419706295
Author(s): Vincent Berniere & Mariel Primois
Format: paperback
Year published: 2013
Publisher: Abrams
Publisher Location: New York
Total Pages: 240
Illustrations: 160 colour photographs

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The punk movement sprang up on the east coast in the late 1960s. It crossed the Atlantic and virtually exploded in London and Paris. This dynamic counter movement churned out heaps of photocopied, hand stapled fanzines that expressed ideas, music and works of art.

Some became professional magazines. By creating its own press, the punk movement secured its place and its voice in the history of 20th century art and culture. The book Punk Press compiles the stunning graphics created by these publications, spanning from the East Village, to East London, to the Left Bank, featuring multiple collages, cutouts and handcrafted typography, standing as a visual tour through one of music’s most influential movements.


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