Kaye Donachie: Song for the Last Act (13 May until 8 October 2023)

Join us for the first solo museum show in the UK by contemporary painter Kaye Donachie. 

Kaye Donachie’s paintings take inspiration from the lives and works of female figures from the past. Her portraits are not exact depictions, but draw on literature, biography and archival imagery of innovative early 20th century poets, writers, and artists. Often leading unconventional lives, these women made significant contributions to art and culture, but many remain marginalised figures in history. In reimagining historic women in contemporary portraits, Donachie explores their resonance for viewers today. The exhibition will present new and recent paintings – including works that Donachie has created especially for this exhibition.

Song for the Last Act: Chorus

Alongside her own work, Donachie will also curate a display of paintings and drawings that she has chosen from our collection. This personal selection will include works by Edouard ManetWalter Sickert and Suzanne Valadon that explore Donachie’s interest in the interface between the real and the imaginary, figuration, and abstraction.