Androgyne: Fashion and Gender

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ISBN: 978-0500519356
Author(s): Patrick Mauries
Format: hardback
Year published: 2017
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Total Pages: 192
Illustrations: 100 illustrations

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From the late 19th to the early 21st century, the genders have blended: from Berlin in the 1920s to Hollywood of the 1930s with Garbo to Dietrich; from the 1940s Bright Young Things to the androgynous pop stars of the 1970s, and beyond.  Why has this concept, a staple of ancient myth that was first discussed in Plato’s Symposium, been revived today? Accompanied by a striking selection of contemporary photographs, Patrick Mauries presents a condensed cultural history of androgyny, drawing on the worlds of art and literature to give us a deeper understanding of the strange but timeless human drive to escape from defined categories.


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