Birds: An Anthology. Woodcuts by Eric Fitch Daglish

ISBN: 9781851245291
Artist(s): Eric Daglish
Author(s): Jaqueline Mitchell
Format: paperback
Year published: 2020
Publisher: The Bodleian Library
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 272
Illustrations: Illustrated


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Thomas Hardy notes the thrush’s ‘full-hearted evensong of joy illimited’, Gilbert White observes how swallows sweep through the air but swifts ‘dash round in circles’ and Rachel Carson watches sanderlings at the ocean’s edge, scurrying ‘across the beach like little ghosts’. From early times, we have been entranced by the bird life around us. This anthology brings together poetry and prose in celebration of birds, records their behaviour, flight, song and migration, the changes across the seasons and in different habitats – in woodland and pasture, on river, shoreline and at sea – and our own interaction with them. From India to America, from China to Rwanda, writers marvel at birds – the building of a long-tailed tit’s nest, the soaring eagle, the extraordinary feats of migration and the pleasures to be found in our own gardens.

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