Break Down


ISBN: 1-902201-10-8
Artist(s): Michael Landy
Format: Translucent Ring Binder
Year published: 2001
Publisher: Artangel
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 128 Pages
Illustrations: Photographs and Illustrations throughout

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Through the 1990s, Landy’s work has explored different aspects of contemporary consumerism. Over three years in the making, BREAK DOWN is Michael Landy’s most ambitious – and most extreme – project to date.

Michael Landy has made an inventory of his life – of every single thing he owns. Every piece of furniture, every record, every article of clothing, every book, every gadget, every work of art… over 5,000 individual items have been catalogued in Landy’s existential audit. And all of them are broken down to the basic materials they are made of. Nothing but powder is left.

This artist’s book – part manual, part inventory, part research file – includes the complete list of his possessions, drawings, photographs, a collage of research materials and an interview with Julian Stallabrass, as well as a section of photographs from the actual installation in Oxford Street in London, February 2001.



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