Chalk Paths Print by Eric Ravilious


Artist(s): Eric Ravilious
Medium: Giclée Print
Number of Editions: 950
Framed: no
Print Size: 56cm x 47cm
Paper Size: 65cm x 61cm

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Artist(s) Biographies:

From a watercolour on paper (1935) of the South Downs, Sussex, England. From a private collection & printed at the original size.

Ravilious rarely depicts the human form – in fact it is human absence which he often explores. There is evidence almost always – and as in this picture – of the land having been traversed and used: the paths are well trodden, the fences zigzag their way across the terrain. But these man-made things stand in association to the absent walker or farmer; and the lack of actual presences can, perhaps, lend a certain tinge of sadness to what is, otherwise, such poignant beauty.



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