Fashion Textiles Now


ISBN: 9781908126351
Artist(s): Various
Author(s): Janet Prescott
Format: Hardback
Edition: -
Year published: 2013
Publisher: Vivays Publishing
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 176
Illustrations: Includes 150 colour illustrations

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This book, written by textiles expert Janet Prescott, is a guide to all types of fashion fabrics from the traditional tweeds to luxury fabrics containing lapis lazuli and diamonds to the newest hi-tech textiles as well as recycled and eco fabrics. Do you know whether your underwear is made of crab shells? Could you be wearing milk and coffee? Can your T-shirt stop you from getting skin cancer? These are just a few of the intriguing questions the author addresses in her book. With information on where each fabric comes from, how it is made and its properties, Fashion Textiles Now provides a complete guide to fashion textiles.


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