Figure Drawing: A Complete Guide to Drawing the Human Body

ISBN: 9781781577028
Artist(s): Jake Spicer
Author(s): Jake Spicer
Format: paperback
Year published: 29 July 2019
Publisher: Ilex Press
Total Pages: 288


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Informative and instructive, this comprehensive guide will give you all the tools you need to draw the human figure, from life and from a screen. While many books focus on just one aspect of figure drawing, this manual unites the skills of observation, expression and understanding in one coherent approach. Beginning with the key principles of observation, Figure Drawing will help you to build a strong foundation of skills to make well-observed, proportionally accurate drawings. As the book progresses you will explore processes and exercises that move beyond the purely observed to express the gesture, form and substance of your model.

Photographic and illustrative examples throughout the book support your learning at every step.

Clear step-by-step tutorials provide a practical understanding of the key materials, skills and ideas in figure drawing.

A comprehensive anatomical reference section, broken down into manageable zones, deepens your knowledge of the human form.

The book is a Swiss-bound paperback, designed to lie flat when open and in use.

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