Image as Language


Artist(s): various
Author(s): Christopher Finch
Format: paperback
Year published: 1696
Publisher: Penguin Books
Total Pages: 183
Illustrations: b&w

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During the second half of the 1950s the visual arts suddenly began to attract public interest and controversy: such painters as Peter Blake and David Hockney found themselves minor folk heroes almost overnight. The public seemed to feel at one with their preoccupation with the everyday world and common experience, the fascination they found in the new realities and the ‘landscapes’ of advertising, the mass media and mass production. But the formal and imaginative aims and achievements of these artists were often blurred by the ballyhoo of ‘Pop Art’

In this Pelican, Christopher Finch, eschewing fashionable clichés and arbitrary labels, sets their very real achievements in the present context of social, cultural and aesthetic change as he discusses in detail the work of;

Clive Barker, Adrian Berg, Peter Blake, Patrick Caulfield, Richard Hamilton, Jann Haworth, David Hockney, Allen Jones, R.B.Kitaj, Gerald Laing, Nicholas Munro, Eduardo Paolozzi, Peter Phillip, Colin Self, Richard Smith & Joe Tilson

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