In the Eye of the Storm Modernism in Ukraine, 1900–1930s (2022)

ISBN: 9780500297155
Artist(s): Various
Author(s): Konstantin Akinsha, Katia Denysova, Olena Kashuba-Volvach
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2022
Publisher: Thames and Hudson
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 248
Illustrations: 221


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How does artistic life flourish during revolution and conflict? Ukraine in the early 1900s endured unimaginable political upheaval, yet this became a period of true renaissance in Ukrainian art, literature, theatre and cinema.

In the Eye of the Storm: Modernism in Ukraine, 1900–1930s presents the ground-breaking art produced in Ukraine in the early 20th century, focusing on the three key cultural centres of Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odesa. Against a complicated socio-political backdrop of collapsing empires, World War I, the revolutions of 1917 with the ensuing Ukrainian War of Independence, and the eventual creation of Soviet Ukraine, several strands of distinctly Ukrainian art emerged.


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