Nova Cantabrigiensis


Artist(s): John Devlin
Author(s): John Devlin
Format: Paperback
Edition: -
Year published: 2011
Publisher: Island Editions
Publisher Location: London
Illustrations: Includes 30 colour illustrations

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Nova Cantabrigiensis is a utopian island in the middle of the Minas Basin, Nova Scotia.

It is the invention of visionary outsider artist John Devlin, and was designed to recreate the atmosphere and architecture of Cambridge, England, which John considers to be the perfect city.

John came to study in Cambridge in 1979, and fell in love with its unique ambience. When mental illness forced him to return home to Canada after just one year, he became obsessed with discovering the secret to ‘the Cambridge essence’.

Over ten years, John created over 360 beautiful and unique illustrations, dream-like sketches of re-imagined and reconfigured Cambridge buildings, drawn again and again in the pursuit of perfection.

The book Nova Cantabrigiensis presents a selection of John’s illustrations, as well as an essay describing his plans for the island and his mathematical theories about architecture.


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