Ruskin’s Venice: The Stones Revisited (Sarah Quill)

ISBN: 9781840146974
Artist(s): Sarah Quill
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2000
Publisher: Ashgate
Total Pages: 206
Illustrations: Profusely illustrated


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In Ruskin’s Venice: The Stones Revisited, photographer Sarah Quill has selected passages from Ruskin’s The Stones of Venice and has linked them to her own photographs of Venetian architecture, so creating a fascinating guide that fuses Ruskin’s vision of the city with images of the present day. Covering a wide range of subjects; from palaces, churches and town houses, to bridges, courtyards and capitals; Quill’s glorious photographs illuminate Ruskin’s words and record with skill and precision the fine architectural details described by him: intricate brickwork, coloured marble, carvings and sculpture. Condition: very good.


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