Sculpting Art History: Essays in Memory of Benedict Read

ISBN: 9781912793006
Artist(s): Katharine Eustace et al
Format: paperback
Year published: 1 Oct 2018
Publisher: Liverpool University Press
Publisher Location: Liverpool
Total Pages: 468
Illustrations: 250 colour illustrations


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Benedict Read died suddenly on 20 October 2016. His influence on art-history in the field of sculpture, and his ground-breaking authoritative volume, Victorian Sculpture (1982) were hugely important. He was instrumental in bringing about a sea-change in academic attitudes towards both the nineteenth century and to sculpture. This memorial Festschrift published by the PMSA of which Ben was a founder, former Chairman and trustee, celebrates his academic achievement, his considerable contribution to scholarship and the generosity of spirit with which he shared his knowledge. It is a powerful testament to the inspiration of a remarkable person.

Condition: Very good.


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