Sempé: Panic Stations (2009)

ISBN: 9780714846743
Artist(s): Sempe
Author(s): Sempe
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2009
Publisher: Phaidon
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: Unpaginated
Illustrations: Profusely illustrated


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Hardback.  First edition.  Jean-Jacques Sempe’s witty drawings and keen eye for the finer points of the human condition have delighted readers in France and beyond for over forty years. Now, his sharply observed and beautifully drawn cartoons are available in English for the first time.  Sempe had trouble coming up with a title for this book, and waited until the last possible moment to make a decision – hence the original French title, ‘La grande panique’. But there is no cause for alarm, no need to man the proverbial panic stations: this is a classic collection of illustrations and cartoons from one of the masters of the form. In ‘Panic Stations’, Sempe explores some of his favourite themes, such as unspoken truths, failed communications and hidden talents.  Condition: Very good.


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