The Art of Making Theatre: An Arsenal of Dreams in 12 Scenes (PRE-ORDER)

ISBN: 9781350277991
Author(s): Pamela Howard
Format: hardback
Year published: 11 Aug 2022
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 216
Illustrations: 36 black and white illustrations


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In this book, world-renowned theatre artist Pamela Howard OBE shows how her life has always been part of the art of making theatre. Part memoir, part a personal account of artistic creation, it is a work of art in its own right. Its 12 chapters, accompanied by original drawings, offer insights into Pamela Howard’s creative world and the journey through life of a celebrated artist, ranging from her early life and influences, to her time at art college and the inspiration she gained from travelling the world.

Following the trajectory of her life, the 12 ‘dreams’ are poised between memory and history and give an account of an artist’s growth, resilience, working patterns, and life-changing encounters with remarkable personalities and artists, as well as the practical side of working in the theatre, in visual arts and in education. Her art tells unexpected stories of little-noticed people and emigre communities, and makes performance for diverse audiences from the unique experience of one’s own life. Pamela Howard’s dreams have led her to work across the globe and teach and inspire several generations of theatre makers, scenographers, designers and visual artists.

The Art of Making Theatre passes on that inspiration afresh and demonstrates that being an artist is not a one-off project but a way of life.


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