The Global Art Compass: New Directions in 21st Century Art

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ISBN: 9780500239193
Artist(s): Alistair Hicks
Author(s): Alistair Hicks
Format: hardback
Year published: 2014
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Publisher Location: United Kingdom
Total Pages: 224
Illustrations: 150 illustrations, 131 in colour

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In his highly original, wide-ranging and abundantly illustrated book, Alistair Hicks demonstrates his belief that no single curator, critic or dealer can or should monopolize our view of what is happening in the art world today. Instead, he aims to show us how exciting and rewarding it is to steer our own way through the art world. See the art, listen to the artist, trust your responses learn to navigate according to your own instincts.

The Global Art Compass is an account of the authors explorations in the contemporary art world and a manifesto for how we might all discover our own inner art compass. The book has an easy-to-navigate continent-by-continent structure and includes numerous extracts from the authors interviews with artists as diverse as Laure Prouvost (France), Gavin Turk (UK), Anri Sala (Albania), Roman Ondak (Slovakia), Michael Borremans (Belgium), Lada Nakonechna (Russia), Gabriel Orozco (Mexico), Amy Cutler (USA), Sandra Gamarra (Peru), Cai Guo-Qiang (China), Nandan Ghiya (India) among many others.


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