The Hidden Mod in Modern Art – London, 1957-1969

ISBN: 9781913107130
Author(s): Thomas Crow
Format: hardback
Year published: 2020
Publisher: Yale University Press
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 200
Illustrations: 140 b/w and colour illustrations


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In this groundbreaking book, leading art historian Thomas Crow argues that the figure of the Mod exerted an influence beyond its assumed social boundaries by exemplifying the postwar metropolis in all of its excitement and complexity. Crow examines the works of key figures in the London art scene of the 1960s, including Robyn Denny, David Hockney, Pauline Boty, Bridget Riley and Bruce McLean, who shared and heightened aspects of this new and youthful urbanity. The triumphant arrival of the international counterculture forced both young Mods and established artists to reassess and regroup in novel, revealing formations. Understanding the London Mod brings with it a needed, up-to-date reckoning with the legacies of Situationism, Social Art History and Cultural Studies.

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