The Unpainted Landscape (1987)

Artist(s): Ian Hamilton Finlay, Richard Long, David Nash etc
Author(s): Simon Cutts et al
Format: paperback
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Coracle Press
Total Pages: 139
Illustrations: Profusely illustrated in colour and black and white

Artist(s) Biographies:


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When we think of the landscape and of an art derived from it, we may bring to mind first of all the activity of drawing and painting. The image is redolent, of a solitary wind-blown figure in front of an easel. It is almost as inherent a cliché as the garret or attic for the isolate artist in an urban parallel. With the selection presented here, we hope to show the work of some artists who, whilst working with the landscape, do so in another way. They do not try to reproduce the appearance of the landscape by way of painted effects. The intrinsic correspondence between the devices of painting and the imposing scene in front of us, as in the traditions and effects of watercolour, has been central to our experience of art. Nonetheless, in the period of the last twenty years, some artists have established new procedures for an art of landscape, and have chosen to work with wider means at their disposal. They have used the recording photograph, the idea of time and sequence to make a journey, the notion of change and substitution in a place. In fact they have re-examined the composition of an art related to landscape. Condition: very good.


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