William Henry Fox Talbot: Dawn of the Photograph

ISBN: 9781785510533
Artist(s): William Henry Fox Talbot
Author(s): Russell Roberts, Greg Hobson
Format: paperback
Year published: 2016
Publisher: Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 176
Illustrations: Illustrated in black and white throughout


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Through two introductory essays, the book examines how Talbot’s invention of photography in the 1830s, evolved to establish the artistic, scientific and industrial possibilities for photography. As a radically new way of seeing, Talbot set out how the medium of photography had the ability to open up the visual world to a different kind of scrutiny, as well as to reaffirm what was considered to be ‘real’. Such experiments make Talbot’s practice and thinking all the more complex and lasting but also provocative as he sits between ambitions of art and science through photography, and economic gain. The book furthermore discusses the relationships between a network of photographers who gravitated towards Talbot’s process but each of whom took photography into different territory. Assessing their artistic contribution and social legacy, it reflects on how enthusiasm for photography was initially limited to a small close-knit, elite group of people.


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