Bridget Riley

Bridget Riley is one of the best known exponents of the 1960’s Optical or Op art movement. Her images produce intense sensations of movement and colour that engage the viewer in the experience of viewing.

Riley’s early works were in black and white using geometric shapes to create optical experiences. Her use of colour was inspired by a trip to Egypt. Her images that buzz with life are enduringly popular.

Bridget Riley was born in London in 1931. She grew up in Cornwall before returning to London to study art. Before she took up Op art she painted in the pointillist style, she was also impressed by the works of Jackson Pollock. After working as an art teacher and illustrator she eventually took up art full time in 1963. In 1983 she designed a large mural for the Royal Liverpool Hospital. In the same year she also designed a set for a Ballet called ‘Colour Moves’.


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