Emma Stibbon RA Eldfell Heimaey

Emma Stibbon

Emma Stibbon’s work is a response to landscapes as sites of psychological imaginings and visual phenomena. Through force of nature such as geologically changing or glacially eroded landscape, her interest lies in how apparent permanence can be so fragile.

In 2007 Emma set out to document the remains of summer Alpine glaciers in an extensive study. For her new body of work showing at R O O M, Emma has skilfully and delicately translated the unbelievable gifts this extreme environment has to offer into a series of finely made drawings in white chalk and graphite on blackboard and black prepared paper and through a small animated film.

In stark monochrome relief, Emma Stibbon raises ice fields up from snow covered valleys: casts views from above expressing impressive height and breadth and exposes the finiteness of this frail place appearing as a melancholy emptiness. Its fate is quietly obvious.

Emma Stibbon RA, Eldfell Heimaey (White House), 2013 Intaglio – Polymer Gravure on Zerkall © The Artist


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