Mel Gooding

Mel Gooding

Mel Gooding is an art critic, writer and exhibition organiser. He graduated M.A (English) from the University of Sussex in 1966. He has written many catalogue texts and over the last fifteen years contributed extensively to the art press and to magazines and newspapers. His monographs on artists include Bruce McLean(1990), Michael Rothenstein’s Boxes (1991) Patrick Heron (1994), Gillian Ayres (2001) Ceri Richards (2002), Patrick Hayman (2005), John Hoyland: Imagination and Image (2006) and herman de vries: chance and change (2006). He has written on art and architecture: William Alsop Architect (1992), Joze Plecnik :The National and University Library, Ljubljana (1997); Public: Art; Space (1998) Abstract Art (2001); Song of the Earth: European Artists in the Landscape (2002). With Redstone Press he has edited Surrealist Games (1991), Alphabets and Other Signs (1991), The Paradox Box (1996), The Playful Eye (1999), Psychobox (2004), and several Redstone Diaries. He has curated many exhibitions, including Ceri Richards Graphics at the National Museum of Wales and tour in 1979-80, F.E. McWilliam: Retrospective at the Tate Gallery in 1989, Michael Rothenstein: A Retrospective at Stoke on Trent and tour 1989-90, William Furlong/ Alan Johnston/ Simon Patterson/ Bruce McLean/ Prunella Clough/ Gillian Ayres etc. at the Customs House, South Shields (1995-1999), Mary Fedden: Retrospective at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, 1996, a select retrospective of the Czech sculptor Stanislav Kolibal at the 1998 Edinburgh Festival, Themes and Variations: Ceri Richards Retrospective at the National Museum of Wales and tour (2002-3), Gillian Ayres: Select Retrospective, Royal West of England Academy, 2004. He was Senior Research Fellow at Edinburgh College of Art from 1998 to 2005. He was made a professor at Wimbledon School of Art in 2006.


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