A Private World: 25 Photographs by Paul Nash 1931-1946

Artist(s): Paul Nash
Medium: Photographs
Number of Editions: 45
Framed: no
Print Size: Various: See Product Description

Artist(s) Biographies:


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Twenty five photographs, selected by John Piper from Paul Nash’s original negatives, in an edition of 45 sets. The photographs were all taken by Paul Nash using a No. 2 Kodak camera, between 1931 and 1946. Each portfolio includes a special numbered catalogue containing an introduction by John Piper and notes on the photographs prepared by Clare Colvin.

The photographs have been printed on Kodak  Veribom semi matte paper by David Lambert, London. They are each mounted and contained in a box.

Each photograph is blind stamped with the mark of Paul Nash Trustees and the Tate Gallery Archives department.

The negatives from which the photographs have been printed are lodged by the Paul Nash Trustees in the Tate Gallery Archives of Twentieth Century British Art in London.

This set is one of a limited edition of 45 printed in 1978.

The set includes the following images;

  1. 1. The White Horse, Uffington, Berkshire. 142mm x 302mm
  2. 2. The White Horse, Uffington, Berkshire. 175mm x 302mm
  3. 3. ‘Monster Field’, Carswall’s Farm, Newent, Gloucestershire. 170mm x 303mm
  4. 4. Object Trouve. 202mm x 302mm
  5. 5. Stone Post. 303mm x 160mm
  6. 6. Ploughed Field and Haystacks. 174mm x 303mm.
  7. 7. ‘Laocoon’, Carswall’s Farm, Newent, Gloucestershire. 193mm x 303mm
  8. 8. Cork Drying; France (1933) or Spain(1934). 171mm x 302mm
  9. 9. The Box Garden, Beckley Park, Oxfordshire.
  10. 10. Avebury Sentinel. 303mm x 173mm
  11. 11. Washing drying on the beach, Nice. 175mm x 302mm
  12. 12. Boat on the Shore, South of France. 201mm x 302mm
  13. 13. ‘Empty Market Stalls, Ceuta, Morocco’. 176mm x 302mm
  14. 14. The Bull Ring, Ronda, Spain. 182mm x 302mm
  15. 15. Bench Seats, Swanage. 173mm x 302mm
  16. 16. Boat, Atlantic. 193mm x 302mm
  17. 17. Chain and Net, John Nash’s home, Meadle, Berkshire. 302mm x 183mm
  18. 18. ‘Totems’, old shipyard, Rye harbour. 303mm x 203mm
  19. 19. Rock recessed in grass. 215mm x 301mm
  20. 20. Step Edge; below Nash’s garden at New House, Rye, Sussex. 177m x 302mm
  21. 21. Blue Pool, near Wareham, Dorset. 212mm x 302mm
  22. 22. Seashore and Steps, Swanage, Dorset. 175mm x 303mm
  23. 23. Maiden Castle, Dorset. 110mm x 302mm
  24. 24. Atlantic Voyage. 303mm x 182mm
  25. 25. Dead Tree, Romney Marsh. 302mm x 182mm


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