Anita Klein: Out of the Ordinary: Forty Years of Printmaking


ISBN: ‎ 9781908970589
Artist(s): Anita Klein
Author(s): Hollie McNish
Format: hardback
Year published: 2022
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 384
Illustrations: Illustrated in colour

Artist(s) Biographies:

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This book is a selection of five hundred and fifty of Klein’s best-loved prints. It presents a charming chronological record of the family’s day-to-day life through the decades, seen from the artist-mother’s perspective, as they grow and change in their respective roles within the household. We can also follow her development as a printmaker, from the simple monochrome drypoints in the 1980s, a consequence of the practical and financial demands of being a young stay-at-home mum, through to the more colourful and elaborate prints of recent years.

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