Architecture Without Architects by Bernard Rudofsky

Author(s): Bernard Rudofsky
Format: hardback
Edition: First
Year published: 1964
Publisher: MoMA
Publisher Location: New York
Total Pages: 128
Illustrations: Profusely illustrated


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Hardback in original dustjacket.  Second printing of this classic text.  In this book Bernard Rudofsky steps outside the narrowly de fined discipline that has governed our sense of architectural history, and discusses the art of building as a universal phenomenon. By avoiding the geographical and social prejudices that have obscured what he views as a total picture of architecture, he offers us glimpses of worlds that were hitherto unknown and, indeed, unsuspected. A prehistoric theatre district for a hundred thousand spectators on the American continent, and underground towns and villages (complete with schools, offices, and factories) inhabited by millions of people are among the unexpected phenomena he brings to light. In short, Architecture Without Architects, introduces the reader to communal architecture— architecture produced not by specialists but by the spontaneous and continuing activity of a whole people with a common heritage, acting within a community of experience.  Condition: very good . From the library of Sir Colin St John Wilson.


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