Armadillo Bag by Ron King*

Artist(s): Ron King
Medium: Relief, blind deep embossed
Number of Editions: 50
Signed: Yes
Framed: no
Print Size: 22.5cm x 29cm
Paper Size: 28cm x 30cm

Artist(s) Biographies:


4 available

An exclusive illustration pamplet produced by Ron King to coincide with the exhibition Ron King: On and Off the Page from 24th April 2012 – 18th June 2012.

Each pamplet is hand titled and numbered from an edition of 50 which are signed by both Ron King and Richard Price.

A double sided illustration with the first side a deep relief print in colour with collage and the second side blind deep embossed.This is an enlarged version of ‘Armadillo’, one of the animals in a bestiary to be published by Circle Press 2012-13.

Each print is encased in a pamphlet and includes a poem by Richard Price.


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