Art Deco Ceramics in Britain


ISBN: 9781851495443
Artist(s): Various
Author(s): Andrew Casey
Format: unspecified
Edition: -
Year published: 2007
Publisher: ACC
Publisher Location: Woodbridge
Total Pages: 264 pages
Illustrations: 349 illustrations, 301 in colour

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This book focuses on the art deco ceramics that were produced by the British pottery industry during the late twenties and

early thirties. It covers all the important aspects of the popular style from its origins in France, its breakthrough in Britain and

how the style took on during the early thirties.

The background of art deco is examined and how it developed in France during the early part of the twentieth century: how

European designers created new shapes and patterns and how these ideas eventually made their way into British design.

Art Deco Ceramics in Britain looks at the well-established factories such as Josiah Wedgwood and Sons Ltd and Minton who

produced the top of the range wares for the upper classes and how they were forced, due to market forces, to produce art

deco styled wares. At the same time the smaller factories were able to respond quickly to the art deco style, using hand

painted decoration, which was an important feature of art deco patterning with the big names such as Clarice Cliff and Susie

Cooper still being well known today.

Also documented in the book are concise, yet comprehensive biographies of many smaller factories that are not so well

known today. This listing provides an invaluable source for or ideas for new areas of collecting


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