British Artists 1880-1940

ISBN: 9780902028364
Artist(s): Various
Author(s): J. Johnson, A. Greutzner
Format: Hardback
Edition: First
Year published: 2010
Publisher: Antique Collectors Club
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 568
Illustrations: Illustrated in colour throughout.


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Unlikely to be challenged as the standard work on the subject, British Artists 1880-1940 includes entries for a staggering 41,000 British artists who exhibited at forty-nine of the major exhibition centres and commercial galleries throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland between the years 1880-1940. While there are many books on specific artists, schools and movements, until the publication of this book there has been no basic work of reference covering the vast mass of artists who painted during the period and whose work can be found in most British homes.

Artists are listed with their birth and death dates (or, if these are not known, the years they were known to exhibit) and with their address. Further information includes the medium in which the artist worked, membership of societies and associations, as well as the exhibitions and galleries where their work was shown.


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