Bryan Kneale

ISBN: 9780995621381
Artist(s): Bryan Kneale RA
Author(s): Judith LeGrove, Andrew Lambirth & Jon Wood
Format: hardback
Year published: 2018
Publisher: Pangolin
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 100
Illustrations: Illustrated in colour throughout


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An exemplary draughtsman and painter, Bryan Kneale’s artistic career began at the easel; perhaps as an omen of things to come his painting was thick, spiky, constructed with a palette knife onto the canvas. His work gained a strong following and he painted the portraits of Richard Attenborough and Norman Parkinson to name but a few.

His innate fear of repetition made him look to sculpture in the 1960s and he learn to forge and weld, working in brass, steel, copper and aluminium; his is not the traditional sculpture of carving, casting and modelling. For Kneale, making sculpture is a process of self-discovery, and once a form becomes familiar it is immediately discarded. The first abstract sculptor to be elected to the RA in 1974, he very quickly went on to mount British Sculptors, the seminal exhibition of Modern British Sculpture at the Royal Academy in 1972. An exhibition of the work of 24 sculptors working in the UK at the time, it has since been described as the most ground-breaking exhibition of contemporary sculpture ever held in Britain. He also curated the Jubilee exhibition of British Sculpture in Battersea Park in 1977.

In recent years, Bryan Kneale has returned to painting and drawing after almost five decades of making sculpture. Highly sculptural in both method and sense of his composition, returning to painting has reinvigorated and reenergised Kneale and his work.


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