‘Bryony and Convolvulus’ Wood Engraving by Paul Nash

Artist(s): Paul Nash
Medium: Wood Engraving
Framed: no
Print Size: 6cm (h) x 8.5cm (w)
Paper Size: 24cm (h) x 15cm (w)

Artist(s) Biographies:


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Original wood engraving by Paul Nash. Printed in 1985 in an edition of 45.

This is one of the trial proofs taken from the original block in the V & A by Ian Mortimer for Garton and Cooke in 1985.

‘In The Garden of Cyrus Sir Thomas Browne discusses the circular and upward movement of plants which he notes is nowhere better illustrated than in the “great colvolvulus. He also notes that the order of the circle is “verified in the large roots of Briony and Mandrakes”. Nash illustrates the convolvulus and mandrake on page 104 of this book where the upward spiralling movement of the convolvulus in his illustration is comparable to the movement of a snake. In this illustration the exposed root of the brony is a reminder of Nash’s use of the exposed tree stump in works such as Event on the Downs of 1934.’


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