Carlo Scarpa and Castelvecchio Revisited (2017)

ISBN: 9781527208902
Artist(s): Carlo Scarpa
Author(s): Richard Murphy
Format: paperback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2017
Publisher: Breakfast Mission Publishing
Total Pages: 384
Illustrations: Lavishly illustrated


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Carlo Scarpa worked on the Casterlvecchio in Verona intermittently between 1957 and 1975. It is perhaps his most important project. His work there draws on all his remarkable skills. It demonstrates how to work creatively within a building which already possesses a complex history. It is a magnificent example of his highly personal language of architecture, not least his incredible eye for detail and mastery of the crafting of materials. And it contains a museum exhibition which is as radical and timeless today as the day it opened in 1964 and has served as an inspiration to museum designers ever since. His most extraordinary achievement is where all these themes coincide in the astonishing display of the equestrian statue of Cangrande, perhaps the most remarkable setting for a single work of art ever made. This book analyses not just Scarpa’s work as we find it today, and in great detail, but also introduces the reader to the complex history of the building as well as sequences of Scarpa’s own highly revealing drawings; witnesses to a brilliant curiosity and holistic approach to design where the art and architecture are completely complimentary.


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