Claude Monet – Biographie et Catalogue Raisonné. (Five Volumes)

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Artist(s): Claude Monet
Author(s): Daniel Wildenstein
Format: hardback
Year published: 1974-1991
Publisher: Bibliothèque des Arts
Publisher Location: Paris
Total Pages: ca 2000

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Monet’s extensive oeuvre comprises over 2044 paintings (presented in the first four volumes), as well as pastels, watercolours, drawings, sketches and tapestries (in the last volume). A list of the relevant archives, excerpts from Monet’s extensive correspondence, and a list of the photographs (also vol. 5) allow a contextualization of the works and confirm the exemplary validity of this reference work.
The individual volumes cover the following years:
Volume I: 1840-1881
Volume II: 1882-1886
Volume III: 1887-1898
Volume IV: 1899-1926

Volume V: Supplement



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