Cy Twombly: The Ceiling-Un plafond pour le Louvre (2010)

ISBN: 97828410525530
Artist(s): Cy Twombly
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2010
Publisher: Editions du Regard
Total Pages: 72
Illustrations: Profusely illustrated throughout


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Text in English and French. The third permanent commission from a contemporary artist, after Anselm Kiefer and François Morellet, the ceiling painted by Cy Twombly for the Bronze Room is the most monumental work in terms of its size, more than 300 m2, and the most surprising in terms of the original approach proposed by the painter. Cy Twombly is indeed known for his painting-writings with nervous graphics, or for his splashes and drips of bright colors. Here there is no trace of this romantic expressiveness, but an immense blue sky, animated by the movement of a few floating spheres, and punctuated by white cartouches in reserve, with the names of the principal Greek sculptors: Praxiteles, Phidias, Myron, Polykleitos. The artist’s objective was to respond as perfectly as possible to the architecture of the place, to this large rectangular room housing the collection of ancient bronzes. Thus, the round and floating shapes of what can be interpreted as shields, planets or coins make it possible to lighten and deepen the blue space of the sky or the sea, while the geometry of the white bands counterbalances this slow rotational movement. Condition: Very good.


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