Dafydd Jones ‘England: The Last Hurrah’ (SIGNED) (2023)

ISBN: 9781788842198
Artist(s): Dafydd Jones
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2023
Publisher: ACC ART BOOKS
Total Pages: 144
Illustrations: Lavishly illustrated


2 available

With bookplate signed by the artist

Throughout the 1980s, award-winning photographer Dafydd Jones was granted access to some of England’s most exclusive upper-class events. Now, the author of Oxford: The Last Hurrah presents this irreverent and intimate portrait of birthday parties and charity balls, Eton picnics and private school celebrations.

With the crack of a hunting rifle and a spray of champagne, these photos give an almost cinematic account of high-society England at its most riotous and its most vulnerable. Against the backdrop of Thatcher’s Britain, globalisation, the Falklands War, rising stocks and dwindling inherited fortunes, Jones reveals the inner lives of the established elite as they party long into the night-time of their fading world.



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