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Artist(s): David Tress
Author(s): Andrew Lambirth
Format: hardback
Year published: 2015
Publisher: Messum's Fine Art
Total Pages: 232
Illustrations: over 200 illustrations

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Andrew Lambirth’s book is the result of twenty years of collaboration with David Tress, providing exceptional insight into the artist’s vibrant, humanistic landscapes. The book includes seven poems by Lambirth in direct response to Tress’s work or of relevance to its main concerns.
Condition: Very good copy – hinges a bit week

1 review for David Tress. (SIGNED BY THE ARTIST)


    This is a beautifully composed and written book with excellent illustrations and with the poetry of Andrew Lambirth interspersed.
    It is insightful into David Tress’ artistic journey, and for those who want to know the ‘stuff’about his paintings, then this has to be the best one to own..
    Andrew Lambirth is a well known author of books about various artists, and an art critic with a profound and deep understanding.
    It is a book to be read,savoured and appreciated.

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