Dictionary of British Art Volume V: British Artists 1880-1940

ISBN: 9780902028364
Artist(s): Various
Author(s): J Johnson, A Greutzner
Format: Hardback
Year published: 1999
Publisher: Antique Collector's Club
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 567
Illustrations: No illustrations


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‘There are many books on particular artists, and some on schools and movements, but until the publication of this book in 1976 there had been no basic work of reference covering the vast mass of artists who painted during the period and whose work is to be found in most British homes.The mehod of compilation has been to extract a list of artists exhibiting at the forty nine main exhibition centres, both public and commercial, throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, during the period and to search contemporary sources to provida additional information.
This apparently simple exercise has produced a staggering 41,000 artists and consequently a wealth of information that has ever been published before.’

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