Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: The Dresden and Berlin Years (2003)

ISBN: 9781903973196
Artist(s): Kirchner
Author(s): Edited by Jill Lloyd and Magdalena M Moeller
Format: paperback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2003
Publisher: Royal Academy of Arts
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 240
Illustrations: Lavishly illustrated


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Paperback. First edition. The first substantial publication on Kirchner in English for thirty years, this catalogue accompanies the first major exhibition in Britain of this most brilliant and intense founder of the Die Brucke school. Presenting a focused display of the artist’s best work from 1905-1915, his most creative and innovative period, a key theme of the book will be to consider how, perhaps of all the artists in the early modern period, Kirchner was most responsive to the underlying tension between nature and civilisation that fascinated his generation. This preoccupation culminates in the Berlin street scenes where Kirchner combines elegance with tribal rawness to reveal the potential wildness of the crowd. Containing essays by leading Kirchner and Die Brucke scholars, and impeccable reproductions of these too rarely seen works, this publication reaffirms not only Kirchner’s importance within German Expressionism, but also his key position in early twentieth-century art.

Condition: very good.


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