ISBN: 9781851496327
Artist(s): F.H.K Henrion
Author(s): Ruth Artmonsky and Brian Webb
Format: hardback
Edition: -
Year published: 2011
Publisher: ACC
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 96
Illustrations: Includes 100 Colour Illustrations

Author(s) Biographies:


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F.H.K Henrion was one of a distinguished group of graphic designers – refugees from Europe just prior to World War II, who brought cutting-edge continental design to the rather parochial English scene. He quickly made his mark as a poster designer for the Ministry of Information, and, parallel to this, began to build up a career in exhibition design, culminating in two highly original pavilions for the Festival of Britain.

However, Henrion is best remembered for his evangelical work in corporate identity design whereby he raised the status of the graphic designer to boardroom significance. He established the authority of the profession as total re-branders of organisations, from logo, through retail outlets and vehicles, to stationery and labels.


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