Flying Man (Ape of Nature) Print by Tom Phillips SIGNED

Artist(s): Tom Phillips
Medium: Screenprint
Number of Editions: 75
Signed: Yes
Framed: no
Print Size: 39cm x 55cm
Paper Size: 54cm x 75cm

Artist(s) Biographies:


2 available

From a set of screenprints produced by Tom Phillips to accompany his translation of Dante’s Inferno, 1978-1983. Signed by the artist.

“Over a brooding landscape flies a figure combining Leonardesque intimations of mechanical flight with the false wings of Icarus, surging towards the future in the necessary folly of risk without which art or science cannot advance. The artist depicted beneath him seems to be disregarding both the technological marvel of the man in flight and the splendour of the landscape around him.”


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