Frank Auerbach: Revised and Expanded Edition (2022)

ISBN: 9780847872107
Artist(s): Frank Auerbach
Author(s): William Feaver
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2022
Publisher: Rizzoli
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 408
Illustrations: Lavishly Illustrated

Artist(s) Biographies:


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This is the most comprehensive monograph to date on the Frank Auerbach (b. 1931), one of the preeminent artists of our age, widely admired for his vivid, impulsive depictions of the world around him. Often compared to Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud in terms of the revolutionary and powerful nature of his work, Auerbach s depictions of people and the urban landscapes near his London studio make him one of the greatest painters alive today. Spanning the length of his career from the 1950s to the present, this expanded edition includes 250 additional works bringing it up to date. In the back of the book there are small-scale chronological sequencing of full-colour reproductions, which depict nearly every painting made by the artist, from his student years up until this publication. At age 90, he looks back over his life and his work, rich with breakthroughs in painting and masterful individuality. The constant painter: a rare interview with Frank Auerbach A weighty monograph filled with photographs of his life s work, written by William Feaver, is published [and] underscore his position as a Grand Old Man of British Painting. –London Evening Standard This definitive account of Auerbach s work and life includes excellent large-scale reproductions of 200 paintings and an illustrated catalogue of some 1,000 more, lively, pertinent interpretations from Feaver, the artist s long-term friend, critical supporter and model, and engaging interviews and photographs.


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