Graham Crowley


ISBN: 9781848220249
Artist(s): Graham Crowley
Author(s): Martin Holman
Format: Hardback
Edition: -
Year published: 2009
Publisher: Lund Humphries
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 128
Illustrations: Illustrated in colour throughout.

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Graham Crowley (b.1950) became a painter in the early 1970s out of conviction for the validity of painting, at a time when artists of the ‘1968 generation’ were seeking to break the link with painting and its traditions. This book is the first to review the achievement of a highly regarded contemporary artist. In a deliberate reaction to British dependence on American models, Crowley looked initially to European Modernism, and the clamorous, bright, exciting, ‘non-figurative’ images he was making by the late 1970s were directly inspired by Léger. Quite quickly his visual language moved to the figurative, with the need to draw content into his images: with his conscious adoption of ‘genre’ painting, his subject became increasingly his own life and work experience. Following landscape paintings of housing estates focussed on urban decay, Crowley directed his attention to the genres of rural landscape and flower painting, the landscape of West Cork inspiring his most recent paintings since Crowley moved there in the mid-1990s. Martin Holman’s engaging text surveys the artist’s entire career to date and is accompanied by colour reproductions of key works.


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