Gwen Raverat: Friends, Family and Affections

ISBN: 9781844134243
Artist(s): Gwen Raverat
Author(s): Frances Spalding
Format: hardback
Edition: Second
Year published: 2004
Publisher: Pimlico
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 438
Illustrations: Illustrated in black and white

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Author(s) Biographies:


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In this first full biography, Frances Spalding looks beyond the artist Gwen Raverat’s childhood memoir; Period Piece, and creates a fascinating and moving portrait of Charles Darwin’s granddaughter. She explores her Darwin inheritance; her conflicts when she moves beyond her home environment to enter the Slade School of Art; her encounter with post-Impressionism; and her friendships with Stanley Spencer, Rupert Brooke and members of the Bloomsbury set. At each stage, Gwen’s artistic creativity is interwoven with her relationships and circumstances. She helps revive the medium of wood-engraving and with her husband, Jacques Raverat, celebrates the South of France in the art they produce while living in Venice. Condition: very good.


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