Herne Bay Pier Print by Anthony Gross

Artist(s): Anthony Gross
Medium: Giclée print on 310gms thick, 100% cotton rag paper
Number of Editions: 950
Framed: no
Print Size: 44 x 59cm
Paper Size: 57 x 72cm

Artist(s) Biographies:


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‘Herne Bay Pier’ was originally lithographed from J. Lyons and Co, who owned the Lyon’s Tea Houses in London. After the Second World War, in order to improve the interiors, the Tea Houses contracted famous artists – amongst them Bawden, Nash, Ardizzone, Minton – to produce a lithograph for their walls. These were also then sold separately to the general public, and ‘Herne Bay Pier’ soon became the bestseller in the series. And it’s not difficult to see why. Here we are on holiday, in a celebratory mood. There is all of life present: the couple ensconced under a blanket, reading the paper; the young man in sartorial finery taking the air; the three beauties in the foreground; the many playing children; the dogs, crabs and the starfish. And all abut the wind whips, churning the waves and catching the fisherman lines. And above the wind, even without the portrayal – for such is the evocative strength of this print – there’s the distinctly audible cry of an imaginary seagull.



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