In England by Don McCullin

ISBN: 9780224078702
Artist(s): Don McCullin
Author(s): Don McCullin
Format: hardback
Year published: 2007
Publisher: Jonathan Cape
Publisher Location: London
Total Pages: 252
Illustrations: Illustrated throughout


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Don McCullin’s view of England is rooted in his wartime childhood and growing up around Finsbury Park in the fifties. His first published photograph was a picture of a gang from his neighbourhood, which appeared in a newspaper after a local murder; McCullin always balanced his anger at the unacceptable face of the nation with tenderness or compassion. In England combines some of his greatest work with an entirely new body of photographs.

McCullin sees his home country with its perpetual social gulf between the affluent and the desperate in mind. He continues in the same black and white tradition as he did between foreign assignments for the Sunday Times in the sixties and seventies, when his view of a deprived Britain seemed as dark as the conflict zones from which he’d just escaped. This book marks his return to the cities and landscape he knew as a young photographer.

At a time when we might believe the world has changed beyond our imagination, McCullin shows us a view of England where the line between the wealthy and the deprived is as defined as ever. This time he adds wry humour to his lyricism, as if the nation is as absurd as it is tragic.


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