It’s a Wonderful Life: Edouard Boubat

ISBN: 9782843230127
Artist(s): Edouard Boubat
Author(s): Edouard Boubat
Format: hardback
Year published: 1997
Publisher: Assouline
Publisher Location: London
Illustrations: Illustrated in B&W throughout


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Born in Montmartre in 1923, Edouard Boubat took up photography in his early 20s. At the age of 24 he won the Kodak prize in the international Photography Fair in Paris, and from 1951 exhibited at La Hune alongside Brassai and Doisneau. His photographs were taken on journeys from Europe to Africa, the Far East and North America and a selection of these photographs are included in this volume, accompanied by gems of literary wisdom from such writers as Octavio Paz, John Steinbeck, Michael Ondaatje, Peter Handke, Stevie Smith, Virginia Woolf, Anton Chekov and P.G. Woodhouse, among others


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