Jan Saudek: Photographs 1987-1997 (1997)

ISBN: 9783822879160
Artist(s): Jan Saudek
Format: paperback
Edition: First
Year published: 1997
Publisher: Taschen
Total Pages: 96
Illustrations: Lavishly illustrated in colour


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The theater of sensual dreams The Czech Republic has long been a land of mystery and magic, home to alchemists, artists, and the original bohemians, all of them weavers of spells, creators of fantastic worlds of the imagination. Internationally famous Czech photographer Jan Saudek is no exception, and equally as uncompromising in pursuit of his own unique vision. For over four decades Saudek has created a parallel photographic universe, a two-dimensional home full of longing, peopled with the most extraordinary characters and coloured by desire. Paperback. First edition. Collection of Saudek’s work. Short introduction by the photographer. Condition: very good.


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