John Cecil Stephenson: A Modernist in Hampstead

Artist(s): John Cecil Stephenson
Format: paperback
Year published: 15 Mar 2022
Publisher: Liss Llewellyn
Total Pages: 96
Illustrations: 67 illustrations

£15.00 £5.00

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By the end of John Cecil Stephenson’s art school training – first a scholarship to Leeds Art School then to The Royal College of Art – he was in a position to produce still lives, landscapes and portraits in a professional capacity. Like many painters of his generation, who had received similarly conventional instruction, he became a competent teacher, appointed in 1922, as Head of Art at The Northern Polytechnic. In this mould Stephenson might have remained a largely undistinguished painter – but in the early 1930s he found himself at the centre of a group of artists with avant-garde credentials, and his own art underwent a remarkable transformation.


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