John Piper and Stained Glass

ISBN: 9780750910880
Artist(s): John Piper
Author(s): June Osborne
Format: hardback
Edition: First
Year published: 1997
Publisher: Sutton Publishing Limited
Publisher Location: Stroud
Total Pages: 196
Illustrations: colour and b&w photographs throughout

Artist(s) Biographies:


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John Piper (1903 – 1992) was one of Britain’s leading artists, a pioneer in many fields, a war artist, stage designer and arguably the greatest twentieth century designer in stained glass. His work includes windows at Coventry Cathedral, Eton College, Robinson College, Cambridge and the magnificent tower lantern at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. This book is the first extensive study of Piper’s work in stained glass, and explores his own ideas on the medium and how he felt the artist – usually working in other media – should meet its challenge. It was Piper’s view that ‘the great windows of modern times are all the work of artist working with collaborative craftsmen’ and June Osborne has researched how Piper came to design stained glass and how his designs were interpreted by artist-craftsmen such as Patrick Reyntiens and latterley David Wasley and Joseph Nuttgens. Fine copy in clean dust-jacket

Over a hundred examples of Piper’s stained glass from around the world are illustrated, allowing the reader to appreciate for the first time the range of the work, and in effect providing an illustrated historical catalogue for an exhibition which could never be staged. The author has collaborated with John Piper’s widow Myfanwy, who gave her free access to Piper’s studio, and has produced a work of unrivalled authority and scope. Many original cartoons are reproduced, showing Piper’s unique approach to designing in the medium. The book explores Piper’s relationship to the traditions of stained glass, reproducing many of the medieval windows that inspired him. Throuogh a discussion of his chronological development, an analysis of Piper’s techniques and a consideration of the religious imperatives behind much of his work, this volume makes an important contribution to the history of twentieth-century art.

Also reproduced in the book is Piper’s important text Stained Glass: Art or Anti-art? (1968) and a full list of his designs in stained glass, with notes on their compostition, setting and scheme. Near fine in clean dust-jacket


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