La Maison de Verre: Pierre Chareau’s Modernist Masterwork (2007)

ISBN: 9780500513040
Artist(s): Pierre Chareau
Author(s): Dominique Vellay
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2007
Publisher: Thames and Hudson
Total Pages: 160
Illustrations: 83 in colour and duotone and 3 plans


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The Maison de Verre, a rarely seen modernist masterpiece, is the most celebrated work of French architect and designer Pierre Chareau. Dominique Vellay, the granddaughter of the original client, tells here for the first time the story of her grandmother’s relationship with the architect and this extraordinarily inventive house. François Halard has produced a series of stunning photographs that pay homage to the house and its unique architectural features, as well as its collection of bespoke period furniture. The combination of personal reminiscence and spectacular photos of the house, so seldom seen, makes this a truly rare publishing event. Condition: very good.


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