Louyse Moillon: Still Life in the Grand Siècle, catalogue raisonné (2009)

ISBN: 9782878441130
Artist(s): Louyse Moillon
Author(s): Dominique Alsina
Format: hardback
Edition: First Edition
Year published: 2009
Publisher: FATON
Total Pages: 350
Illustrations: Profusely illustrated in colour and black and white


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Text in French. Very few women have left a name in the history of painting. Whether by their talent or by their originality, they do not suffer in any way from comparison with male artists. Louyse Moillon is perhaps the most illustrious of them, as she occupies a prominent place in her genre – the still life with fruit – and so much are her works sought-after. An assertive personality, Louyse Moillon, from her early works to her maturity, has crossed the century following a personal path that gives solidity to her compositions, velvetiness, subtle transparencies to her fruits. A mysterious charm to the atmosphere of its furnished tables. Dominique Alsina has scrutinized and catalogued all of Louyse Moillon’s works to distinguish the criteria of authenticity and the stages of the artist’s career. He drew up a catalogue raisonné of 69 authentic paintings. Exceptionally, 11 of them, including the 3 belonging to the Louvre Museum, have been the subject of a complete scientific study (a report of nearly 300 pages). This book presents the lighter version of the author’s doctoral thesis on Louyse Moillon, the catalogue raisonné (bilingual French-English) and a summary of the scientific report.Condition: fine in original slipcase


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